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Portsmouth European Cities Twinning Committee

Welcome to the landing page for everything related to Portsmouth European Cities Twinning Committee. An easy to remember link to this page is:

Links to other information or documents on this page are in blue and underlined.

(The Covid-19 Situation put a hold on much in 2020 - We set up many virtual events and new blogs for information. There is a 2020 section below with these pages linked)

Portsmouth has links with many more cities around the world as well as Caen and Duisburg.

A page for the collection of information about Portsmouth's International links has been made on the Caen-Portsmouth Blog - A short URL to it is:

The homepage for Duisburg-Portsmouth has a shortened URL too: - Our news blog can be reached through

The homepage for Caen-Portsmouth can be reached here: - Their news blog is

Both cities will still have their presence on Facebook: and

Caen-Portsmouth will now advertise more events including those for Duisburg on Twitter. Their Twitter feed is @PortsmouthCaen

On Instagram, we can be found by searching for portsmouthtwinning

Throughout the city of Portsmouth at special events held you may see a stand with representatives of the European Cities Twinning Committee advertising our links with Caen, Duisburg and sometimes also our other cities around the world.

Leaflets in PDF format

This pdf is the latest information about the joint Twinning Committee for Caen and Duisburg

ECTC Leaflet 19.07.21
Download PDF • 4.19MB

This pdf about the Duisburg link was once available in print format at such stands.

This pdf about the Caen link was also once available in print at such stands.

This pdf about all the current international links will also be available, whenever the joint committee has a stand somewhere.

Portsmouth International Links 19.07.21
Download PDF • 4.62MB

Our new Pompey Partnerships Website

2021 sees the launch of a website which contains much information about both our twin cities and indeed about some of Portsmouth's other international links.

This website can be found here

Friends of Portsmouth Twinning FoPT

If you are interested in knowing more and being further involved in events that happen with Caen and Duisburg, then why not join the Friends of Portsmouth Twinning Group which will have some exclusive events for you throughout the year and a chance to meet and mingle with visitors from our twin cities whenever they are here and also a chance to get over to visit our twin cities. Below is a leaflet in pdf format we have on stands at our events in the city.

FoPT Leaflet 19.07.21
Download PDF • 4.31MB

The Caen Comité de Jumelage

In Caen, their twinning committee for Portsmouth has its homepage here:

Duisburger Portsmouthfreunde

In Duisburg, their twinning committee for Portsmouth has its homepage here:

Further information:

For events organised for the twin cities that might be of interest to you:

and for a who's who on the new ECTC committee:

In July 2018, the Caen-Portsmouth Friendship Committee and the Duisburg-Portsmouth Friendship Committee merged to form the (Portsmouth) European Cities Twinning Committee.

This new committee could provide the launch system for any future twinning links with other European cities, should there ever be any.

We will continue to present information pertaining to Duisburg on this website and information pertaining to Caen on the Caen-Portsmouth website.

2020 onwards during lockdown...

We launched a new virtual twinning blog entitled 'Building Bridges' with the aim of linking culture and arts in our twin cities.

On this blog page, there will be featured cultural and artistic aspects of Caen, Portsmouth and Duisburg. They will be updated regularly as new information is submitted.

This is linked here

Further Virtual world online activities:

Our Privacy Policy for the Caen-Portsmouth Website (also available by clicking the privacy policy button at the bottom of the Caen-Portsmouth Homepage).

Our Privacy Policy for the Duisburg-Portsmouth Website (also available by clicking on the privacy policy button at the bottom of the Duisburg-Portsmouth Homepage).

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